21st century skills=skills that are going to help you get a job!

There are several skills that have been identified as increasingly important for workers to develop. Many employers are looking for a different type of worker, one that can:
-do several different tasks (multi-tasking)
-problem solve independently or with a team (critical thinking, team work, initiative, self-direction)
-communicate through writing and speaking
-be creative
-show leadership
-take responsibility for their actions

Those are just some of the 21st century skills that employers are saying they want to see in their employees. Below are some links to help you learn more about 21st century skills and how to incorporate them/develop them.

Partnership For 21st Century SKills
-This site gives an overview of 21st century skills as well as links to tools and resources and lists upcoming events

Mass Partnership Site
-This site has information on Massachusetts initiatives regarding 21st century skills

-Short article on 21st Century Skills in Massachusetts, put out by Partnership for 21st Century Skills

-Overview of 21st Century Skills in general

-Another great article on 21st Century Skills!