Adult agencies and other community resources are a very important part of the transition process. Based on your/your child's eligibility, agencies can help you look for a job or training opportunity, provide home supports, and connect you with other support networks.

Below are links to adult agencies as well as community based resources; it is important to remember you must be found eligible before you can start receiving support.

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Department of Developmental Services
-DDS provides supports to people with intellectual disabilities

Department of Mental Health
-DMH provides access to a variety of mental health supports

Department of Transitional Assistance
-DTA helps families with different types of assistance, including food and work

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind
-MCB provides a broad range of services to people who are identified as being legally blind

Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
-MCDHH provides a broad range of supports and resources to people who are deaf or hard of hearing

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
-MRC revolves around helping people find jobs but also has some services related to independent living and training opportunities