Career Exploration is an important part of the transition process!

By exploring different careers, people learn more about what they like & dislike and many times they find out about cool jobs they have never heard of!

Have fun exploring the following websites!

-This O*NET powered site allows users to explore different careers by clusters as well as by specific names.

Drive of Your Life!
-This site offers a very interactive approach to career exploration!
This tool can help you a) identify your personality (building your car), b) identify careers you’re interested in (plan your drive, choose destinations) and c) explore your selected careers (learn facts about skills necessary, environmental factors, etc).

-This site is supported by the Mass Department of Workforce Development and has many links to info about careers, post-secondary ed, and assessment tools to help identify interests, strengths, and skills.

-The O*NET allows you to do broad as well as more specific career searches. Information on careers is clearly presented in bullet points. The O*NET also tools for identify interests, abilities, and work values! (See link in Assessment Tools)

Pathways To The World of Work
-This is a great resource, based out of the Connecticut Department of Labor. The website is designed for young adults, has a graphic or text option for navigating the site and offers links/resources for career exploration, independent living, interviewing, self-assessment, etc...

Virginia Career VIEW
-This website has a wide range of career exploration activities that are broken into different grade cluster. Plus, they have sections designed for parents and educators to explore!