What is person-centered planning?

Person-centered planning (PCP) empowers people with disabilities in identifying goals and the steps they need to take to attain them. Typically there is a PCP facilitator that works with the person, his or her family, teachers, and friends to develop a plan. The person at the center of the plan is able to brainstorm what they like and dislike and map out what their vocational, educational, social, and living goals are.

Below are a variety of links to different approaches/templates for person-centered planning...have fun finding the one that works best for you!

It's My Choice!
-This will link you to a page of publications the Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities puts out and below is the link to the PDF of "It's My Choice!"

Person-Centered Planning: Cornell
-Education based site with additional resources and links

Person-Centered Planning: Many Circles
-Link includes a PDF of what PCP are as well as a PDF template of another example of PCPs

Personal Passport Workbook
-Informative site on another approach to PCP...PDF workbook linked below

Dare to Dream PDF

project planning online

-Another sample & approach to planning for the future!