College is becoming increasingly accessible and a new group of learners is able to tap into all of the great aspects of pursuing post-secondary education!

Fair Test
-This site lists the colleges & universities that currently do not emphasize or in many cases, do not use SAT or ACT scores when considering admitting students to undergrad programs

Mapping Your Future
-Lots of links to explore careers and post-secondary education options as well as info on financial aid

Think College!
-Great info on college options for students with disabilities that may not have previously explored post-secondary education

How is College Different?
-Web based comparison of college and high school teachers, grading systems, tests, and more!

Differences in Disability Services between High School and College
-A very clear and concise comparison of disability services in high school and then in college

-This PDF is a generic comparison of college and high school

-This self-assessment is designed to help students determine what they know about post-secondary education and identify areas that they can focus on and further development before they leave high school