Social Security has different programs to help support people with disabilities. It can be a confusing and complex topic to navigate so below is some basic info on SSI & SSDI as well as links to sites that have more specific info on those programs. There are also links to work incentive programs which are important to learn about.

Social Security Website
-Main link to the social security website, from there you can find links to information on disability benefits, work incentives, and other SS sites.

-The Going To Work workbook is a guide to how young people with disabilities can work AND access benefits!

What do those letters mean?
Supplemental Security Income
Social Security Disability Insurance
Who gets it?
People who:
-have a disability
-have a low income
-earn below SGA ($1070/month, $1800/month
for people who are blind)
People who:
-have a disability
-earn below SGA ($1000/month, $1640/month
for people who are blind)
-previously worked and paid Social Security taxes
What is it?
Benefit for people who have a low income; SSI is
impacted by the amount of money one makes and
once a person earns a certain amount, SSI is
gradually reduced as work income increases.
Benefit for people who are determined as having a
disability (according to SSA) AND have worked/paid
into social security.
The benefit amount depends on:
-the number of years work
-Social Security taxes paid
-amount of earnings the person had
Additional Info
Sometimes people are nervous that working will
cause them to lose benefits immediately: not true!

This is NOT an all or nothing program!

Remember, your SSI check will change based on
how much money you make not just because
you earning some money.

It is important to learn about your benefits and how
they can work with your paycheck!
This is an all or nothing program BUT there are many
work incentives, trial work periods, extended eligibility
factors, and cessation/grace months that help protect
the beneficiary.
Links for more info
SSI Link