There are many different aspects of finding a job...where do you look for job openings? How do you get an interview? What do you bring the interview and what do you wear? What do you do after the interview? By using the info below, you'll learn all about the job hunt process!

How to Look for a Job

There are a few different ways to get a can look in the newspaper, online, call a specific store or talk to people you know about getting a job (that's called networking).
Networking is the best way to find jobs so it's important to think about all the people you know (family, friends, people you know in the community) when you're looking for a job. Even if you are networking, it's a good idea to look at job ads (sometimes called want ads) to learn about jobs that are available in your community.

Online Job Search Sites
Craigs List
-You can search for a lot of things on this site but to find a job, click on "Jobs" and then either look through all the different jobs listed or type in a keyword for the type of job you want (ex. astronaut).

Snag A Job
-Great site if you're looking for hourly employment!

Back Door Jobs
-Looking for a short term or adventurous job opportunities? Back Door Jobs is the site for you! Search for short term jobs, volunteer opportunities, and internship placements that are unique and sometimes include a global adventure!