There are a variety of online resources geared specifically towards transition planning and transition related research. These sites are updated fairly regularly, enjoy finding new resources!

Campaign For Disability Employment
-This site is a great resource and outlet for students with disabilities but there is also a section for employers to access. The employer page includes a list of participating businesses, links to resources on creating an inclusive workplace, and information on job accommodations. Pass it along!

Division of Career Development & Transition
-This site has a lot of great info on further developing the partnerships between schools, the community, and the adult agencies to provide collaborative transition planning.

National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center
-NSTTAC has huge number of links, articles, resources, and tools for everything transition related!!

Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights
-Also known as PACER

Technical Assistance on Transition and the Rehabilitation Act
-Also known as TATRA. This site is run through Pacer Center (see link above)

Transition Coalition
-Great resource for training opportunities, courses and publications